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Best described as a “Rough Edged Buble”, Ryan’s voice is filled with emotion that could only ever come from heartbreak. He may have fell into singing much later than most, but the raw vulnerability in his performances will take you on a deep journey of the soul…
Although Ryan may be new to the world of entertainment, that doesn’t mean he’s fallen short on highlights. Despite only deciding to overcome his stage fright in 2013, Ryan made his public debut to a television audience of 1.3 million by way of an audition in Channel 7’s X Factor.
As the least experienced performer in the competition, he managed to progress to become one of the final 16. Throughout, he wowed the judges & Australian living rooms alike with powerful renditions of songs by U2’s Bono, James Brown & Chris Isaak. Each performance showcased his raw, untamed ability to express & evoke the full emotion that the lyrics command.
His journey on the program was bookended by intimate, heartfelt performances of the song ‘Truly’, written by his father. The first, in his debut performance after speaking of his previous year’s devastating heartbreak & the last on live television with Channel 7’s Sunrise. The contrast of each, highlighting his sharp transformation from shy shower singer to confident powerful performer.


Written by Mal Imlach and performed by Ryan, Truly. Listen for free and click to download a copy.

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