Truly: Official Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Late at night while all alone I think of you,
And all the days that lay ahead still out of view.
Together babe we’ve come so far,
so far to go,
In our hearts,
as from the start,
our love will grow.

[Verse 2]
Together we have made a choice to live as one,
A chapter in the book we live has now begun.
As you stand beside me now,
I can not help but stare,
It’s in your eyes,
They hypnotise,
And love is everywhere…

And truly I intend to be,
The only man you need.
Surrounding and protecting you,
through all that life can lead.
Strengthen me with honestly,
A man for you to serve.
And help me to become the man,
That you deserve.

[Verse 3]
Everytime I fear,
we may not have the strength.
You hold me tight and show me right,
What love has meant.
And all I know is all I am,
When you are near.
When all my fears and all doubts,
just disappear.

[Verse 4]
We’re both aware that love won’t always burn so bright.
So we make a vow of faith to see us through the night.
Rich or poor,
through good and bad,
we’ll more than try.
To have and hold,
with heart and soul,
Until we die…

[Repeat Chorus]