One Year of X Factor: Part 10 – Thank You.

Back home now, I’ve had some time to settle in & reflect on the absolutely ridiculous adventure that has been my time on The X Factor. Not many of you may realise, but it actually started way back in December last year! It’s been a huge part of my life, not just because of the craziness, travel & excitement that being part of a huge production brings. But also, because stepping through the doors to audition for this show was a big moment for me personally, one of many as I moved on from my previous life. Coming off the challenges that 2013 presented, this whole experience has well and truly helped push me out into the rest of my life full of running. It’s been absolutely incredible, totally life changing & none of it would have happened, and certainly wouldn’t have continued as long as it did, without the support of all of you both close to me & out there across Australia & overseas…

It was quite daunting knowing that my voice & my story were going to be broadcast for all to see. But it has been utterly unbelievable the amount of support & well wishes I have received. I’ve done my best to read every single message & comment, and please know all of them have been absolutely appreciated.

Most recently, in the week where I was announced as eliminated & then given a second chance by way of the wildcard. I have to thank every single one of you who voted, the many of you who voted more than once & those that voted much more than that again! I would have loved to have rewarded you with a performance in the live shows but unfortunately not to be. When us wildcards were told of the result, we were made aware that the voting was incredibly close & went well into the tens of thousands! It is just incredible to know that so many of you believe in our stories & our talent enough to go to that effort.

My journey on the show is, as we all know, over. But that doesn’t mean my story stops here. X Factor sure was an extreme place to start my life in music, but it’s only inspired me to continue & I have all of you to thank for it!

Keep supporting all the artists who were involved in my season, they’re all both incredible talents & wonderful people.

Thank you again…You’ll be hearing from me soon!