One Year of X Factor: Part 3 – Time To Practise!

Congratulations!! You’ve been accepted for an X Factor Judges Audition!!
Song: Truly – Mal Imlach

Oh my, what have I signed myself up for?

I’ve been nervous about a whole bunch of things previously, but the prospect of performing this song, written by my Dad, in front of 4 superstar performers who will judge me, plus a live audience of thousands at Hisense Arena, plus a tv audience of millions… As my first ever performance in front of anyone… AHHHH is an understatement!!

Why am I doing this?
It’s stupid..
It’s crazy..
I’ll humiliate myself & my family..
What if it’s a train wreck?? Seriously!?!

Yes, it’s stupid, it’s crazy, it could be the most embarrassing moment of my life.. But it could go well, right? My Dad’s song in front of the whole of Australia! How awesome! How exciting! How truely unbelievable!! Little more than a year earlier no one could even talk to me about karaoke without me getting nervous.. And now I’m faced with this prospect.. No one gets to do this.. What a terrifying.. petrifying.. chance of a lifetime!! Woo!!

Better practise hard then! Haha

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