One Year of X Factor: Part 4 – Judgement Day.

The day has finally come. The X Factor Judges Audition. It’s been months.

It said on forms, the staff told me when I first walked through the door to my tryout, you just know what the Judges Audition involves… Singing… For two minutes, in front of all the lights, all the cameras, 4 international superstars & and audience of thousands. And then it all goes on tv! For EVERYONE to see!!

Nahhhh, not daunting at all!!

I’ve been preparing for at least a month. I’m singing my Dad’s song Truly & I know it back-to-front because I’ve been practising it in my car & in the shower. I’ve got a terrific shirt picked out with flamingos on it so I feel like I’ll look good! So, easiest 2 minutes of my life! Right?

I’ve been scheduled for the Sunday night session out of a bunch across Sydney & Melbourne. They’ve got super talented, proper performers from all over the country then there’s me. Having a crack at singing for the first time. Hisense Arena is the venue. Oh yeah, I forgot, IT’S AN ARENA!!

My morning was both unrushed and frantic. At the last minute I decided to stop by what my family calls “the factory” (where we store stuff) & practise singing the song a couple of times into a drink bottle.. After all, I was going to be holding a mic for the first time!!

I turn up, as asked, with my family before the crowds for my session have arrived so it was nice to mix with everyone beforehand. All nervous. All Excited. All different!! Loud, bold, excited soul singers, quiet singer-songwriters and everything inbetween. The nerves start to build…

An earlier session of auditions is currently be held as we are led into our holding area inside the arena. And then I hear it…

The roar. It’s real.

As we walk around the halls of Hisense Arena we’re lead past doors which blare out that sound, I can’t help but peek through & glimpse inside. Thousands, literally thousands of people…

Yes, it’s still real.

My family, myself & everyone else are finally led to our holding area. The sounds are now too distant to hear. It’s an exciting place, there’s banners, there’s cameras and everyone is full of anticipation. Our adventures are about to begin!

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